Digital Signage

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What is Digital Signage?
Also known as digital signs or digital boards, digital signage is digital video content or digital images displayed on a screen. You may even hear some people call it electric signage. No matter what you call it, the solution allows incredible flexibility and has the potential to have a powerful impact on your business.

In place of traditional print advertisements, menus, posters or signs, the digital images and video that make up the signage (or “digital content”) are displayed on a high-definition screen, or series of screens.

Content is driven to the screen from a media player (or “digital signage player”) in the same way that your cable box is connected to your TV at home. The media player stores the content that is driven by media software that determines how content is displayed on the screen. That’s it in a nutshell!  LG makes digital signage easy with their inclusive ecosystem: HD and UHD Signage Displays, Media Players, and their SuperSign Media Creation and Management Software.

Bring the wow factor to your business!
Create an experience your customers will never forget. Whether you want tiled displays with multiple screens, large single unit systems or a solution in between, Commercial Solutions has you covered with everything you need to make a lasting impression – hardware, software, and installation. Go big with video walls from LG.
 Why You Should Consider Digital Signage
They’re excitingSchoolteachers know they need to include visual aids in their lessons because some students learn better when they can connect what they read or hear with pictures or videos. That doesn’t change as we get older. Some people may have difficulty remembering what they read in an email or newsletter. By combining high-quality graphics and animation, a digital sign has a better chance of grabbing the attention of customers and holding it long enough for an important message to be delivered. They’re interactive Because they can be updated instantly, digital signage can be a good way to cultivate communication and goodwill between your company, and clients. For example, you can use a digital sign to highlight a certain employee’s exceptional efforts, with co-workers adding their congratulations to the message. These displays also can be synced with business social media accounts so employees can use hashtags to get their posts featured. 
They’re convenient — Although an email may seem like the ideal way to make an announcement to a large group of customers, the truth is that inboxes fill up fast. An important bulletin could be lost in the shuffle or buried in an avalanche of spam. Putting this information front and center on a digital screen that is positioned in a prominent location makes it more likely that it will be seen. Digital signs also can be refreshed frequently to ensure that they continue to capture the attention of your guests.